Welcome to Kriegers Flak Service Group

About Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm

The Danish part of Kriegers Flak is a 180 square metre body of water in the Baltic. In 2010, the Danish Energy Agency’s Offshore Wind Turbine Committee identified the area as one of the most attractive locations for a future Danish offshore wind farm.

What makes the Kriegers Flak waters special is that Sweden and Germany have also selected their areas in the waters for offshore wind turbines, and Kriegers Flak is estimated to accommodate up to 1,600 MW offshore wind turbines.


Why a Local Supplier Network?

The purpose of establishing Kriegers Flak Service Group is to create local jobs in connection with establishing the offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak. We ensure that the winning consortium constructing Kriegers Flak will get a strong local network.

Examples of required businesses

  • Cleaning
  • Taxi
  • Catering
  • Hotels
  • Marine
  • Electricians
  • etc.

Order potential for more than DKK 350 million.